Applied Ethics, Inc. (AE) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to seek ethical solutions to significant social issues through projects, education, counseling, and advocacy. As discussed below, currently, our primary program is an underground online school for young women in Afghanistan who have been barred from attending formal schooling based on their gender.

According to a longstanding tradition, the good is that which contributes to personal and societal flourishing and ethics is the discipline dedicated to understanding the nature of the good. Applied ethics has a functional purpose, which is to put ethical theory to work in practical domains, from medical ethics to research ethics, public health ethics, and the ethics of war, peace, and conflict resolution.

The world is full of problems and we can’t tackle them all. Our goal is to commit ourselves to those significant issues where, to the extent possible, the ethics are clear, the causes are just, and we have within our means the capacity to contribute effectively. We are dedicatedly nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

AE’s Pax Populi peace-through-education program launched an underground school to serve female students in Afghanistan.

From 2009 until September 2021, through our Pax PopuliĀ® program, we have been working tirelessly to advance peace in Afghanistan primarily through educational programs in cities across the country. Everything changed in August 2021, when the Taliban regained power, and then barred women and girls from formal education after 6th grade. We recently responded by launching an online underground school for young women. Our school is currently operating as a pilot program. With classes held five days every week, we are trying to give our students a high school level of education. This is a small but very ambitious program. For details, please see: “To Serve Female Students, Pax Populi Academy Goes Underground.
To learn more about Pax Populi, please click here.