Applied Ethics, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the mission of seeking ethical solutions to significant social issues through projects, education, counseling, and advocacy.

According to a longstanding tradition, the good is that which contributes to personal and societal flourishing and ethics is the discipline dedicated to understanding the nature of the good. Applied ethics has a functional purpose, which is to put ethical theory to work in practical domains, from medical ethics to research ethics, public health ethics, and the ethics of war, peace, and conflict resolution.

The world is full of problems and we can’t tackle them all. Our goal is to commit ourselves to those significant issues where, to the extent possible, the ethics are clear, the causes are just, and we have within our means the capacity to contribute effectively. We are dedicatedly nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

Pax Populi is AE’s People-to-People Peacemaking Program

From 2009 until September 2021, through our Pax PopuliĀ® program, we have been working tirelessly to advance peace in Afghanistan primarily through educational programs in cities across the country. Everything change in mid-August 2021, when the government of Afghanistan collapsed, the Taliban took over, and in a matter of days, millions of Afghans witnessed decades of work and dreams shattered. Our first efforts were to lobby for the evacuation of friends and colleagues who were at risk. Then, we began to rebuild our program to focus on recreating our program to support some of the 80,000 or so Afghans who are resettling in the United States most of whom speak little or no English and are unacquainted with American culture. For more on the Applied Ethics/Pax Populi response please see our post, “Pax Populi Responds to the Crisis in Afghanistan.”
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