Applied Ethics, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the mission of seeking ethical solutions to significant social issues through projects, education, counseling, and advocacy.

According to a longstanding tradition, the good is that which contributes to personal and societal flourishing and ethics is the discipline dedicated to understanding the nature of the good. Applied ethics has a functional purpose, which is to put ethical theory to work in matters pertaining to practical domains, from medical ethics, to research ethics, public health ethics, and the ethics of war, peace, and conflict resolution.

The world is full of problems and we can’t tackle them all. Our goal is to commit ourselves to those significant issues where, inasmuch as possible, the ethics are clear, the causes are just, and we have within our means the capacity to contribute effectively. We are dedicatedly nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

Pax Populi is AE’s People-to-People Peacemaking Program

Pax Populi is Applied Ethics’ people-to-people, community-to-community and institution-to-institution peacemaking program. We are focusing our efforts on the conflict in Afghanistan, and our goal is to give people both inside and outside of Afghanistan and the opportunity to advance the cause of peace by strengthening civil society through education, economic development and cultural exchanges within a framework of mutual respect and cooperation. We are also seeking to apply these ideas to help advance peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To learn more on Pax Populi click here…


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